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146 A Route de la Baie Nettle, Saint Martin 97150 F.W.I.

Simpson Bay

Simpson Bay used to be the home of a fishing community and for many, many years there was no bridge over the marshy area that allowed any type of flow in and out of the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Things have changed over the years. Today there is a very large drawbridge that opens at least six times a day to let mega-yachts and other boats into the Isla del Sol Marina. Next to Simpson Bay you'll find PJIA (Princess Juliana International Airport). In 2012 a new causeway bridge was built from the airport to the Dutch side of the border on the eastern side of the Simpson Bay Lagoon. The area is ringed with shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, casinos, and numerous resorts. Nowadays Simpson Bay is a very busy area where there is always a lot of activity. Still next to all the business You will be able to find some rest and peace on one of the many famous beaches that are surrounding the area.